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Terms & Conditions
Disco 2000 Leeds


You must be 18yrs or over to place a Booking.

Bookings will only be accepted with you agreeing to our terms and conditions and a £50.00 Deposit.

Or £100 deposit on any of the combined Packages. (Disco & Selfie photo booth)

All Balance payments must be made with in 5 working days BEFORE the event. (See Pay pal Payments)

When paying the balance by Pay Pal, Payment must be made 14 days prior to the event.

Please note that there is a £10.00 administration charge for payment's through Pay Pal which you must add to your final payment.

Full details must be supplied. i.e date, time, package required, full address of venue with post code, any access  issues or parking issues. Sound limiters, ANY upper floor function room's without a lift must be declared prior to the booking. Any issues regarding limited space must be declared prior to the booking.

Parking and access difficulties must be discussed BEFORE BOOKING.

No hire is available to private domestic residences.  Outdoor events will be subject to a survey. and at our discretion. Electricity and water can be hazardous combination, and so it is imperative that any protection provided for outdoors, will be 100% waterproof. Failure to provide adequate water protection will result in immediate shut down, and NO REFUND WILL BE GIVEN.

Deposit payments are non refundable.  Corona Virus cancellations will be offered an alternative date , Subject to availability. Only government legislated law to cancel an event will result in a full refund.

Space (min 5ft x 5 ft) is your responsibility, along with at least 1  13amp power socket.

A minimum of 2 x 13 amp power sockets required for a combi booking ( Disco & Selphy Photo Station)

For venues outside the 25mile radius, Please contact me to discuss price BEFORE BOOKING.

Props for the selfy booth are solely FOR THE SELFIE BOOTH, and therefore not to be used for ANY other  requirement. Please replace the props at the Selfie station before collecting your photos.

IF YOU REQUIRE KARAOKE HIRE, this will be provided on an i pad, and subject to a good wi fi connection that will allow connection to our karaoke app. Please ensure that there is a good wi-fi connection in the function room, that I will be using, and a working password is available to connect to the wifi.

We cannot accept  responsible for poor wi-fi  or unobtainable passwords to enable us to get connected to the venue's wi-fi signal. In the event of a Failure by the venue to provide a suitable Wi-Fi connection, an alternative will be provided, by me, and this will be subject to a suitable phone signal, and therefore cannot be guaranteed to operate. Failure of  a working Wi-Fi connection will prevent a Karaoke event.

Replenishing ink and paper is normally around 5 minutes and this is included in the hire time. 

Unlimited visit's are on ALL packages.

Extra hire time can be added on the night at our discretion, and after full payment of an extra £80.00 per hour or part there of, up to11.30pmt.Our hourly rate is double after midnight i.e £160 per hour.

Any damage to our equipment will be the hirers responsibility and will be liable for payment to replace any damaged equipment, as new. This applies to Disco & Photobooth Equipment.

If we arrive late  due to circumstances beyond our control, we will make up the lost time by extending the hire period

( we have never been late at any venue  so far).

We will make every effort to obtain a wi-fi signal, however it is up to you to ensure that the venue will provide the service. In the rare occasion that a wi-fi signal cannot be obtained  due to circumstances beyond our control,

NO REFUND WILL BE GIVEN.  You are responsible for any damage to our equipment while on hire, and we advise not to allow children to play with the mic's, and  any children (Minimum Age permitted) 14yrs - 16yrs be supervised by an adult. All bookings are subject to availability.

Any damage to our equipment will be invoiced at replacement cost Our advise is given to ensure any risk  of damage to our equipment, is kept to a minimum. I the event of an equipment failure we will will be liable to a maximum of a refund. Total Failure at the start of the night (Total refund) Total Failure from halfway through the night (50%) refund

The refund is the only liability we will except, and no further liability will be accepted.

By placing a booking you agree to have read and accepted our Terms & Conditions. Extra charges may be made for events over 15 miles from Leeds. Please avoid placing drinks on or near our equipment to avoid damage.

We have a ZERO TOLLERANCE to abuse or threatening behaviour to any of our staff, and in such cases

our services will be terminated and NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN.

I agree to the above terms and conditions Signed ...............................................................

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