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navione exe download. Check to see if this exe is still available for download. If it is, you can easily download it using your web browser. - NaviOne.exe download. Q: How to remove the default notification bar in iOS 5? If I don't want the iOS 5 notification bar to show, how can I hide it? I'm using iOS 5.0.1 on the iPhone 3GS. I have tried setting the value of the UIApplicationExitsOnSuspend key in the Info.plist to 1 in Xcode 4.3, and the value to 0 in the Run dialog. It makes the bar disappear, but a pop-up error message appears and the App won't run. I have to restart my iPhone. Thanks! A: I finally fixed it! I have a blog entry here. In short, I was trying to use the UIApplicationExitsOnSuspend key for the first time in a new app, and accidentally left out a semicolon in the Run path. The site is based in Weymouth and was set up by a 26-year-old former Royal Marine, who says he was severely abused during his childhood in Afghanistan by a fellow Marine. Liam Ellacott, 26, says his fellow marines acted like a pack of animals - some of them stealing from him and even bullying him when he was an orphaned refugee at an Australian hostel in Kabul. He decided to launch a legal case against the US Marine Corps, but says it is unlikely he will see justice after his own traumatic childhood was suppressed. He said: "I was abused as a child and forced to watch what happened to other children while I was growing up in the mountains of Afghanistan. "I was living in a camp, I was a refugee, and my only job was to look after the children and keep them safe." He added: "I was locked in and some of the children were constantly abused by their mothers, but I was kept quiet by the other children. "I still think about it to this day - how could these boys and girls look me in the eye when I was so scared?" The site will record the stories of other former child soldiers and hold regular news updates on the progress of the cases. Elacott said: "At the